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2022 Annual Awards

Jan. 10, 2023

The Instant Incentive Honor Coupon Points for Gifts activity has received a warm response from the majority of partners.

Instant incentive is the engine of benign interaction between the company and the staff, and instant incentive has been implemented since the

Since its implementation, it has strengthened the good assistance between departments and departments and enhanced the solidarity between personnel and personnel.

Since the implementation of instant incentive, it has strengthened the good assistance between departments and enhanced the unity and mutual assistance between personnel and personnel.

161 times. The company commended the individuals and teams who got the most incentive coupons in the year

2022 Annual Awards

Annual Individual Champion

He loves his job and is dedicated to his job, challenging the difficulties and pressure, and even more so to

. He challenges himself and wins everyone's respect with dedication!

In 2022, he won the individual champion for four consecutive quarters! Received an IPad.

2022 Annual Awards

Team of the Year Winner

If you can use the strength of all people, you will be invincible in the world;. . If you can use the wisdom of all people, you will not be afraid of the saints

carry on!

2022 Manufacturing 1 won the championship for three consecutive quarters!

Get RMB 10,000 yuan whole!

2022 Annual Awards

2022 Annual Awards