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JUST MEDICAL R&D Project Mid-Year Summary Commendation Meeting

Aug. 03, 2022

In recent years, the company focuses on market demand, user needs, focus on the layout of R & D, and constantly increase investment in R & D. Under the strong support, the company's R & D research projects multi-blossom, on the first half of this year, as many as 12 projects under research.
The mid-year summary commendation meeting is aimed at awarding the R&D project groups that have made outstanding contributions to the company, affirming achievements and encouraging innovation.


The conference firstly summarized the R&D achievements in the past 6 months systematically, and at the same time commended the projects that were completed in stages. The project manager and project team members of each project team went up to the stage to receive the honor belonging to them, and the total amount of the mid-year project bonus was more than 100,000 RMB.

He firstly thanked the company's leadership for introducing such a project incentive policy and believed that the introduction of the policy would enhance the cohesiveness and combat power of the project team and the centripetal force of the project, and then introduced that with the joint efforts of the project team, the activity of the unicondylar project had been successfully listed and once there was an oversupply of market benefits. This project is the first complete project he has taken over after joining the company, and he hopes that this product will also be excellent and the market will be the best! He pointed out that the success of a product not only requires a good design and in-depth thinking of the underlying logic of the design concept, but more importantly, it requires the control of the product quality by the personnel of each functional department such as production, quality control, pilot conversion, registration, etc. He hoped that the participants would make further efforts and work together to bring the fixed unicondylar product to the market smoothly, realize the value of the project and help the company's benefit as well as the pace of the company's listing!


The development department as the lead department of this commendation project, the department manager Tee Ho Keung also expressed his experience, Tee manager said, this award is both honor and responsibility, representing the company's recognition of everyone's past contribution in the R & D project, at the same time, we are also responsible for the company's new product development. The company has positioned R & D as a front office department with sales "two-wheel drive", and it is crucial to launch new products in a timely manner with quality and quantity in the fierce market competition. The successful development of new products is inseparable from the struggle of each member of the project team, and we hope that we will work closely together in future R&D projects and make further efforts to achieve greater success.

Finally, Mr. Liu made a concluding speech. Mr. Liu introduced that the R&D project award, not only this time, but also every subsequent project, as long as the corresponding project node is completed, there will be project bonus, and our project award will continue to be run.


We hope that all R&D technicians will set up a zero mentality, start afresh, continue to focus on market demand and user needs, put in enough effort and hard work on new product development, process innovation and major technical difficulties, and continue to create new and greater value for the company's development and industry progress.

Focus on R&D and win the future - the mid-year summary commendation meeting of Jiaste medical R&D project ended successfully, but the struggle spirit of Jiaste people never ends!