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How to maintain your joints?

Jun. 08, 2020

If we compare our body to a building, then the joint is the key to the structure supporting this building, connecting our bodies, and allowing us to move freely. 

Therefore, joint problems cannot be ignored and are not far away from us. Sports injuries, work strains, unhealthy lifestyle habits, etc. have all caused small problems in our joints. Our company provides a high flexion hybrid total knee system.

These behaviors hurt the joint-most

1. Squat

All violent running and jumping movements on land will increase the wear on the kneecap, especially when you squat down and stand up, the wear on the joints is the most. Especially for people with patella damage, squats should be reduced.

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2. Mountain climbing and climbing

When the elderly climbed the mountain, the joint weight was four or five times that of the normal. At first, the elderly could bear it, but the more they walked up the mountain, the more the joints hurt. Generally, they can't walk until halfway up the mountain. It is more difficult to go down the mountain. Uphill is mainly muscle strength and effort. When going down the mountain, it is mainly contracted by the quadriceps muscle, pulling the knee bone to move along the femur, and the knee joint is more seriously worn.

People also have this feeling, downhill or down the stairs for a long time, legs tend to shake, this is the joint protest. So for the elderly, can take the elevator to take the elevator, must take the stairs, must pay attention to the stairs to support the railing or the wall, and do not step on the stairs, to wait for the feet all in a step on the next step.

3. Wipe the ground on your knees

Kneeling and wiping the floor, the pressure of the patella will be pressed against the femur, which is equal to the cartilage between the two bones directly pressed to the ground. For a long time, some knees cannot be straightened and can't stand up.

The above information is provided hip joint replacement manufacturer.