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Should We Continue to Exercise if the Knee Joint is not Good?

Nov. 06, 2020

Our common daily exercises require a lot of participation in the knee joint, and people with bad knees will choose not to exercise in order to prevent the disease from getting worse. Is this correct?

I have a bad knee, should I exercise?

A large number of authoritative studies have shown that people with knee joint disease need more long-term physical exercise, which can relieve pain and protect joints. Proper exercise can relieve knee joint pain and improve knee joint function.

Conversely, if you don't move in order to avoid knee joint pain, it will only cause the joints to become stiffer and stiffer and the muscles to become weaker and weaker.

These exercises hurt your knees, please avoid them!

1. Runaway

Walking is divided into walking, brisk walking, and rampage, of which rampage is very harmful to the knee joint. Runaway will cause a greater impact on the knee joints, and the body will lean forward slightly during runaway. Almost the entire body's weight is on the knee, which can cause excessive weight bearing on the knee joint.

2. Sedentary

Sitting for a long time hurts the knee more than exercise. Our bones and joints are supported and protected by muscles, and muscles are not the same as fat. If the muscles are not used for a long time, muscle strength will decrease. As a result, your bones and joints lose muscle protection to a large extent, and most of the forces generated by actions in daily life will act directly on the joints, which can easily cause knee joint damage.

3. Squat

The squat is a sport that many fitness people like. It can exercise the muscles of the buttocks and legs well and can play a better role in shaping and increase core strength. But it should be noted that squats are very particular about posture, and most people cannot do it correctly. Once the squat posture is incorrect, it will cause a lot of burden on the knee joint.

Knee Joint

If you want to protect your knees, practice this action!

That's right, just squat quietly!

Static squatting is an exercise method that is extremely suitable for the general population. It mainly exercises the strength of the quadriceps without hurting the knees. This exercise mode can be performed anytime, anywhere, and does not require auxiliary equipment, which is very feasible.

The specific method is as follows: Lean back against the wall, then spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and gradually extend your feet forward until you keep a certain distance from the wall, which is about 50cm. At this time, the body is in a squatting position. Pay attention to keeping the calf perpendicular to the ground, and the angle between the thigh and the calf should not be less than 90 degrees.

Each exercise should be one time if you can't keep it up. You can rest for 1 to 2 minutes in between. It is recommended to exercise 3 to 6 times a day.