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2021,JUST has achieve these .......

May. 04, 2022

  • A new platform for medical-industrial interaction in the field of artificial joints


The Key Laboratory of Just Medical Enterprise passed the acceptance of Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau and was approved as a key laboratory of Tianjin Municipal Enterprise. Relying on key laboratories, the enterprise actively promotes industry-university-research cooperation. At present, it has carried out a number of scientific research cooperation projects with many universities, research institutions, and hospitals. The project starts from clinical diseases, pays attention to the needs of patients and doctors, and takes solving disease problems as the ultimate goal.

While solving clinical diseases, the company has exported a large number of scientific and technological achievements. At present, it has applied for more than 160 patents, including 7 international PCT patents, more than 80 national invention patents, published nearly 100 papers, and nearly 40 scientific and technological achievements registered. There are nearly 10 scientific research projects in Tianjin.

  • Translation masterpiece

Just Medical always pays attention to the promotion of clinical cutting-edge technology. The book "The Essentials of Hip Revision Surgery" was officially published in March 2021.


This book is a compilation of the experience of world-class orthopedic hip revision specialists. It provides the views of orthopedic experts from all over the world, with a wide range of perspectives, and provides doctors with a variety of treatment methods.

The book is full of illustrations and texts. It collects X-rays and clinical photos of many revision cases, supplemented by typical case studies, to help readers better grasp the main points of hip revision surgery and improve surgical skills.

  • Exchange and share, explore and discover

 Just Institute for Innovation and Research has held more than 100 online and offline academic exchange activities, which have received strong support and positive responses from well-known surgeons across the country. Here, we will share and share together, and continue to contribute to joint academic exchanges.


  • Artificial joint productivity increased by 4 times+

On June 29, 2021, Just Medical holds the completion ceremony of the intelligent enterprise!

The completion of this project will achieve a 4 times+ increase in manufacturing efficiency. In the future, companies will implement more innovative medical-industrial interactive cooperation projects in the biomedicine fields such as the substitution of imported high-end implants, artificial intelligence, and regenerative medicine, and develop new technologies, new materials and new products with international competitiveness.


  • Just digital full-process solution

On June 29, 2021, the EPS surgical robot independently developed by Just Medical was unveiled at the Just Medical Intelligent Enterprise Symposium.

The future is here! Just Medical's EPS surgical robot will work with you to enter the future of China's artificial joint field!


  • Unicondylar prosthesis was launched

On July 3, 2021, the "China's first high-crosslink activity platform unicondylar prosthesis" independently developed by Just Medical was successfully released at the CKS Conference held at the Shanghai International Convention Center! 


2021,JUST has achieve these .......

  • CE certificated


  • Meet the high-level needs of knee replacement

On September 30, 2021, led by Professor Zhou Zongke from West China Hospital of Sichuan University, the world's first 3D printed trabecular bone bio-type knee prosthesis designed and manufactured by Just Medical was successfully implanted in West China Hospital of Sichuan University(TOP 4 IN CHINA)! Many mainstream media have followed up and reported the world's first 3D printed partitioned trabecular bone bio-type knee prosthesis project!

The clinical application of this project breaks through the limitations of the current conventional treatment of knee arthritis, and has brought good news to the majority of knee arthritis patients. Really realize that bones grow faster, grow more evenly, and grow stronger, and meet the high-level needs of more knee arthritis patients.


  • Received hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing

This round of financing will be used to assist in the implementation of full-process digital solutions for artificial joints and cartilage repair product solutions. Continue to invest in innovation platforms such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, new material applications, and regenerative medicine, accelerate innovation and iteration, provide patients with diversified and higher-quality products and services, and ultimately improve patient satisfaction and happiness. Follow the logic of the market and become the best market and social entity.