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The 15th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Orthopaedic Association successfully concluded on June 23rd in Nanjing, Jiangsu!

Jun. 26, 2024

This three-day event united orthopedic professionals nationwide, focusing on "Innovation and Transformation" in the field. The conference facilitated discussions on the latest research and advancements in orthopedics, contributing significantly to developing orthopedic theory and technology in China.




JUST Medical proudly showcased innovative products and comprehensive treatment solutions for joint diseases at 2024 CAOS. Featured products included the MYSMOND Zirconium-niobium Femoral Head, Cartistem® SVF Adipose Collector, AUSK® Unicompartmental Knee Prosthesis System ( 1-4gen ), Cementless total knee prosthesis system, and EPMEDBOT TKA Surgical Robotic System. Our booth attracted numerous attendees, where staff demonstrated product operations, and experts provided valuable clinical insights.




JUST Medical’s knee replacement surgery robot, which combines safety, precision, efficiency, and intelligence, garnered significant attention. Experts performed live demonstrations, allowing attendees to experience the advanced technology up close.


Over the past fifteen years, CAOS has continually progressed. Looking ahead, JUST Medical remains committed to innovation and advancing joint product technologies to benefit more patients.

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