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Installation skills of Ceramic Hip Prosthesis

Jun. 29, 2019

In hip replacement surgery, the application of Ceramic Hip Prosthesis has been very extensive, but ceramic joint fragmentation is a common concern, so how to avoid this problem? It is very important to install the ceramic hip prosthesis correctly. Today Best Hip Replacement Devices Exporter would like to share with you. Let's take a look.

Best Hip Replacement Devices Exporter

The most common cause of ceramic joint chipping is caused by incorrect installation methods. The following is the correct installation method:

1. The mounting angle of the metal cup is the key.

Note that the abduction angle of the acetabular cup angle should be kept at 40°, controlled between 35° and 45°. The degree of anteversion should be determined by different surgical approaches. The anteversion angle of the posterolateral approach needs to be larger. , the front approach, the anteversion angle should be smaller to prevent dislocation, the abduction angle is too large and easy to break.

2. Ceramic lining installation.

The mouth of the lining cup must be parallel to the surface of the cup of the metal cup. When the screw is screwed, the nail head cap must be buried in the crater of the acetabular metal cup. Dry the cone before installation to ensure that there is no tissue on the cone surface. The particles are mixed to keep the cone clean, dry and non-destructive.

3. Ceramic head installation.

Try to use the short-necked ceramic head as little as possible. Do not touch the inner tapered surface of the ceramic head, which will cause foreign matter between the tapered surface and the ceramic head, causing stress concentration and cracking of the ceramic head.