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How To Choose The Right Femoral Prosthesis

Feb. 29, 2020

So what are the principles of biological femoral prosthesis selection? Today, the Acetabular Cup hip prosthesis manufacturer will talk about the choice of the femoral prosthesis.

1. Good initial stability: axial stability and rotational stability; this is the basis of biological fixation.

2. Good long-term stability, whether it can be stable in the body for a long time, which is also very fancy to us.

3. Excellent long-term use effect;

4. Wide range of indications, suitable for the specific situation of various patients;

5. The operation should be simple, and there are few complications;

And what is the current trend of the use of bioprosthetic prostheses: In a word, the use of conical stalks occupies an absolute position all over the world, and some regions even use more than 95% of them.

Acetabular Cup Prosthesis Material

So what are the advantages of a tapered shank?

First, the initial stability is accurate, and it can even approach the strength of bone cement;

Second, and the long-term effect is very very good, many follow-ups more than 20 years found that it can be used at 96% or higher;

Third, the operation is fast, simple, and does not require distal reaming. Only the cancellous bone of the metaphysis needs to be compacted at the proximal end to preserve bone mass and save operation time;

Fourth, the indications are wide, and it can also be used for Dorr C type femurs

Fifth, no distal packing is required, which reduces the rigidity ratio of the distal end, reduces stress shielding, and reduces thigh pain;

Sixth, the length of the lower limbs can also be adjusted by the size of the prosthesis;

Seventh, and tolerance is large, it does not affect the effect of varus or malposition.

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