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Do Men and Women Have the Same Knee Life?

Dec. 21, 2020

World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show that: osteoarthritis occupies the fourth place in the prevalence of women and eighth place in the prevalence of men. In other words, men and women have different incidences of osteoarthritis.

Men and women have different physiological structures. This is easy to understand, so why is the lifespan of the same knee anatomically different? Because of the different physiological processes, women have to give birth and have menopause.


1. During the female childbearing period, in order to prepare for childbirth, the joints of the whole body must be relaxed and the knee joints will become loose. Therefore, postpartum knee weakness, coldness, soreness, etc. will occur. This is generally a one-off. However, if the postpartum care is not good, knee problems will accumulate.

2. After the age of 30, after the bone age has passed the peak, the bone mass will be lost and the bone density will decrease. There will be a pain in the front of the knee joint, and pain when going up and down and squatting down. During this period, there will be both men and women.

3. When women menopause around the age of 50, there will be a round of severe bone loss during menopause. If the bone mass is well maintained at this time, then by the age of 70, it is the second round of bone loss in women. If this round of care is not good, not only will the knee joint have problems, but it will also lead to lumbar compression fractures, hip fractures, or obvious knee joint degeneration.


Relatively speaking, men will experience short-term degeneration when they are 30 years old, followed by a stage of general body function decline after 60 years old. Like women at 70 years old, they will have lumbar compression fractures, knee joints, and obvious degeneration. Hip fracture, etc.

 Locking Plate System around Joints

Locking Plate System around Joints

The characteristics of the Locking plate system around joints

1. The posterior oblique is 7°, the left/right design conforms to the anatomical structure of the tibial plateau;

2. The screw orientation meets the requirements of osteotomy and ensures the best support for the joint surface;

3. The high strength of the steel plate combined with the axial and angular stability of the LHS can ensure the absolute stability of the osteotomy fixation.

4. The long shaft part transfers the generated force evenly to the tibial shaft;

5. The pre-tension and toughness of the plate can compress the transverse hinge;

6. The conical round tip is convenient for board insertion.

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