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HTO PSI Osteotomy Orthopedic Experience

Sep. 21, 2020

In recent years, the concept of stepped knee treatment has been continuously developed, and the concepts of "knee protection" and "knee replacement" are increasingly being applied to actual clinical practice. High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) is an important knee-preserving operation in the step treatment of knee arthritis. Its postoperative efficacy has been recognized. This operation can preserve the physiological function of the patient’s knee joint. Correct deformities, relieve knee joint pain, and delay artificial joint replacement time.

However, traditional HTO osteotomy methods are prone to over-correction or under-correction, resulting in different postoperative effects, and prolonged operation time caused by intraoperative fluoroscopy. Therefore, the emergence of HTO PSI (Patient-specific Instrumentation) 3D custom osteotomy guides will Solve the above problems to a great extent.

Knee Replacement Intrument

Compared with traditional HTO osteotomy, HTO PSI has the following advantages:

The osteotomy guide plate designed and manufactured according to the patient's preoperative images and 3D printing technology reflects personalized osteotomy;

Operate according to the osteotomy position and expansion angle set by the guide plate, which greatly improves the accuracy of osteotomy;

Avoid repeated intraoperative fluoroscopy, shorten the operation time, and reduce the radiation received by doctors and patients during the operation;

The 1:1 ratio bone model and guide can be printed before the operation, and the surgeon can perform preoperative simulation to improve the effect and accuracy of the operation;

Reduce the doctor's learning curve for HTO surgery and simplify the procedure;

The length of the incision during the operation only needs to be based on the size of the guide plate to avoid damage caused by excessive soft tissue peeling.

Since its launch in 2019, the COFORLIN locking bone plate system around the knee joint by Just Medical has been widely praised by clinicians, and postoperative patient satisfaction is extremely high.

In order to further improve the treatment effect of the COFORLIN bone plate system, our company will soon launch the COFORLIN PSI 3D customized guide plate, in order to provide a more accurate, more efficient, and simpler HTO osteotomy orthopedic experience for the clinic.