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JUST AUSK Uni-knee Prosthesis System

Jul. 03, 2024

  • Case Details


Patient: Female, 68 years old.


Chief Complaint:  Left knee pain for over 2 years, worsening for the past 10 days.


History of Present Illness: 

The patient began experiencing left knee pain without obvious trauma over 2 years ago. The pain was pronounced during activity and relieved with rest. There was no significant numbness, joint locking, or stiffness, and the patient had no fever, chills, weight loss, or fatigue. Conservative treatments were ineffective. The pain intensified after exertion 10 days ago, prompting the patient to seek treatment at our outpatient clinic, where surgery was recommended. The patient was admitted for "left knee meniscus injury." The patient remained conscious throughout the illness, with normal appetite, sleep, and bowel/bladder functions.


Past Medical History: 

The patient has a generally moderate health condition. No history of infectious diseases or close contact with infectious disease patients. She has a history of chronic diseases: hypertension (20 years, well-controlled with Irbesartan and Amlodipine), diabetes (over 10 years, managed with Metformin), and cerebral infarction (managed with Rosuvastatin and Clopidogrel). Surgical history includes correction of patent ductus arteriosus and cholecystectomy for gallstones. No other trauma or blood transfusion history. The patient has known food and drug allergies and has followed a regular vaccination schedule.

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  • Postoperative


JUST AUSK Uni-knee Prosthesis System

The JUST AUSK Uni-knee series includes mobile-bearing, fixed-bearing, and hybrid systems. Since its market release, over ten thousand implants have been performed with positive clinical feedback. Tertiary hospitals have published clinical follow-up papers detailing the product's safety and efficacy. Additionally, a 5-year follow-up reported no product-related adverse events.

In 2024, JUST AUSK launched China's first hybrid unicompartmental knee prosthesis system, offering immediate and long-term stability. This system provides clinicians and patients with superior and diverse options for unicompartmental knee replacement surgeries.