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What's The Protection Method Of Knee Joint?

Aug. 26, 2019

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Hip Joint Replacement

Hip Joint Replacement

1. Warm-up activities before training must be sufficient. Do not directly exercise large amounts of exercise. The most common occurrence of injury is when fatigue or lack of energy.

2. Pay attention to the running posture when running, don't just use one side of a foot to land;

3. Pay attention to the muscles of the thighs to avoid direct impact from the knees;

4. When there is a symptom of knee discomfort, properly reduce the amount of exercise and the frequency of exercise to avoid violent running, jumping and weight-bearing movements;

5. Pay attention to the knees to keep warm, especially in the summer, don't be greedy;

6. Apply heat to the leg muscles after exercise;

7. When the weight is pulled, especially when going downhill, avoid the knee from being impacted;

8. The development of muscles can relieve the pressure on the knee under certain conditions, and can minimize the damage to the knee. Usually do more leg muscle exercise, try to reduce the resistance to the knee. Consciously strengthen the exercise of the quadriceps (anterior thigh) and cruciate ligament, strengthen the muscles of the quadriceps and thigh muscles (such as weight-bearing squats), combined with muscle stretching, walking, walking or sticking Wall practice and other methods, paving the way for the smooth movement of the tibia in the femur. I feel more relaxed when I go to Yuzhu this time.

9. Before climbing, use your hands and fingers to rub the lower edge of your knees to promote lubrication of your knees at night;

10. Stretching the elongated hamstrings and patellofemoral joints is beneficial to reduce the chance of knee injury.