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New Perspective On Prosthetic Assembly

May. 29, 2019

Here is Joint Prosthesis Supplier talking about New Perspective On Prosthetic Assembly.

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The early installation of prostheses after amputation is conducive to reconstructing sensory dominance and neurofeedback, preventing muscle atrophy and joint contracture deformity, restoring the function of the residual limbs to the past, expanding the activity space and increasing physical fitness, and restoring the integrity of the patient's body as soon as possible, which is beneficial to the weight. Tree confidence and stimulating disease resistance, according to statistics of tens of thousands of prosthetic patients, whether it is amputation due to trauma, tumor, a blood circulation disorder, inflammation, etc., the sooner the prosthesis is installed after amputation, the better the recovery.

Joint Prosthesis Supplier

Several principles of prosthetic assembly:

1. The patient's residual limb condition and physical condition (such as residual limb length, muscle strength, joint mobility, soft tissue and scar condition, etc.) should be considered to determine the type of technique for determining the prosthesis.

2. To fully consider the patient's age, working environment, living environment, and psychological work to determine the form and type of prosthesis.

3. According to the patient's economic ability to pay the ability to choose the price level of the prosthesis.

4. The treatment, nursing and muscle strength of the residual limb are necessary processes before installing the prosthesis.

5. Prosthetic training and debugging is an important part of ensuring the patient's functional gait.

6. The use of prosthetics requires regular maintenance and maintenance by the assembly unit.

7. The quality of the prosthetic test must be carried out by the national assessment of the prosthetic practitioner.