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Prosthetic Use Instructions and Service Guide

Jul. 29, 2019

Amputees often wear prosthetic limbs. In order to ensure the normal use of the prosthetic and to play its functions and prolong the service life, Acetabular Cup Prosthesis Manufacturer tells you the following items should be noted.

Hip Joint System Prosthesis Price

Hip Joint System Prosthesis Price

First, the formal acceptance of the cavity maintenance: (including the bushing silicone soft cover)

1. The upper limb arm and lower limb receiving cavity are kept clean every day, cleaned before going to bed, and dried naturally.

2. The upper limb arm and the lower limb receiving cavity sometimes wear residual limb atrophy phenomenon, at this time can be adjusted by wearing the residual body socks or filling the leather pad to keep wearing and walking safe. If you are still too loose, please contact the company in time to avoid wrestling after slipping, and replace the receiving cavity if necessary.

3. Silicone, gel soft cover wear notes: (use the correct guidance under the guidance of the technician)

(1) Cleaning method: Clean the inside with neutral soapy water daily and air dry. (Use a care solution is preferred).

(2) Avoid sharp and rough objects from being scratched and torn; avoid high temperature exposure and baking; avoid strong pull.

Second, temporary acceptance of the cavity and temporary prosthesis.

1. The temporary receiving cavity and the temporary prosthesis are used as an amputee for the initial prosthesis for observing, shaping and stabilizing the residual limb.

2. The temporary prosthesis is only used as the weight of the residual limb, support and joint mobility, training strength, and gait.

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