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What Are The Risks Of Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Dec. 31, 2019

Total knee arthroplasty, as the most effective method to treat articular surface damage caused by severe osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and rheumatoid arthritis, has been accepted by more and more patients with joint disease. However, in the case of injured surgery, the benefits are often accompanied by risks. Let the Joint prosthesis manufacturer briefly introduce the risks associated with total knee replacement surgery.

Near-term risk


Although the risk of infection after joint replacement is low, you should immediately notify your doctor if you notice these signs.


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Body temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius).

Exudate at the surgical site

Infected joint replacement surgery usually requires surgery to remove the artificial prosthesis and sterilize it with sensitive antibiotics.

Once the infection is under control, the knee joint needs to be reworked.

Each additional surgery reduces your chances of getting good or excellent pain relief and improved functional outcomes.

Artificial joints also wear out: Under daily stress, even the strongest metal and plastic parts eventually wear out.

If you exercise too much or are overweight, the risk of artificial prosthesis failure is higher for you.

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