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The Secret of Making Knee Prosthesis "Long Standby"

Aug. 12, 2020

At present, the 10--15-year survival rate of artificial knee joint prosthesis can reach 85%-90%, which is closely related to surgical technology and prosthesis design. After years of development, artificial knee replacement has been quite mature in surgical technology, but it has been further improved. The life of artificial knee joints still needs to be solved at present and reducing the wear of the prosthesis after knee joint operation is one of the keys to improving the lives of the prosthesis.

Wear is one of the main reasons leading to aseptic loosening of knee prosthesis. Reducing the surface roughness of the femoral condyle and tibial plateau is an important way to solve the wear after knee replacement. It is especially important to choose high-quality prosthetic surface treatment technology.

Therefore, today, the joint prosthesis supplier will talk to you about the super-mirror polishing technology of the artificial knee joint prosthesis selected by Just.

Knee Joint Prosthesis

Super mirror polishing technology has the following advantages:

① Deburring: The remaining burrs and chips in the manufacturing process on the edges and surfaces will damage the quality of the prosthesis. By choosing the right abrasive and the right process, these flaws can be removed, so as to achieve smooth downstream finishing and further optimization.

② Blunt: The edge is usually produced with an r angle to improve the reliability of the tool. There is no burr on the edge of the blade after blunt grinding, and there is no burr produced by the secondary treatment, so it is not easy to cause wear and tear of the prosthesis.

③ Smoothing treatment: Through the smoothing treatment, the roughness of the surface is reduced, that is, the unevenness of the convex position on the surface is eliminated. The benefits of this include reduced friction improved contact ratio and reduced wear.

④ Polishing: In addition to improving the appearance of the surface of the workpiece, polishing also improves the physical properties of the surface. The absolutely smooth and scratch-free surface can extend the life of the implant.