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The Joint Is under Heavy Pressure for a Long Time, and the Knee Will Be Damaged 1

Jul. 13, 2020

The knee joint consists of the femur, tibia, and patella, with the femur above, the tibia below, and the patella on the surface. The patella is connected to the quadriceps muscle and the lower to the front of the tibia. The flexion and extension of the knee joint are controlled by the contraction and relaxation of the muscles.

The joints where these three bones are in contact with each other are covered with a layer of fragile cartilage, which is most afraid of being under stress for a long time. When the knee joint is in the flexed state, the pressure between the patella and the femur increases significantly, and the posterior condyle of the femur is directly stuck on the tibia, which also causes the pressure between the femur and the tibia to increase.

If the knee joint is under pressure for a long time, the anti-wear ability of the cartilage will decrease, and cartilage degradation and even exfoliation will occur, thereby causing osteoarthritis. Our company provides knee joint implants.

The weight-bearing of people's knees in different postures is a different multiple of their own weight. It can be seen that the weight-bearing and kneeling movements are the enemies of the knee joint. To prevent knee pain, you must first lift the body weight and avoid large knee flexion.

Faced with such a complicated and incapable knee, in daily life, we need to take good care!

Knee Joint Implant

Firstly, get up

When sleeping at night, because the body lies flat for a long time, the blood circulation is slow, the venous return is poor, and the inflamed inner folds will become more swollen. When you get up in the middle of the night or in the morning, you will feel the knee Kaka, unable to act immediately, Many patients also experience painful waking in the middle of the night, their knees dare not move, and they do not even know how to place them.

At this time, remember not to rush out of bed, lie down or sit on the side of the bed, do the leg lift, and rub your knees with your hands, especially the inner side of the knee, for about three to five minutes to allow local blood circulation After getting better, get out of bed and you will be free.

Hooking the legs and raising the legs can effectively enhance the strength of the quadriceps muscles, enhance the stability of the knee joints, improve local blood flow and metabolism, thereby alleviating pain, improving function, and promoting rehabilitation.

Second, go to the toilet

After getting up, everyone's first action is to go to the toilet. This is also the action that everyone must repeat several times every day. It is recommended that you do not install a squat toilet at home, use a sitting toilet instead, and try to use a sitting toilet when you go out.

Regardless of squatting or sitting, the most important thing is to remember the word "slow" and move as slowly as possible. In addition, you can also support the wall or install handrails to avoid the medial folds being caught by the knee bones due to the rapid and sudden bending of the knee.

The above information is provided by a knee joint preservation manufacturer.