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Why Always Can Knee Ache?

Jun. 28, 2020

Many people will feel this way, and they don't exercise vigorously. Why do they still have problems with their knees and always feel knee pain? Does walking hurt your knee?

Yes, you guessed it right. The wrong walking posture and the bad walking venue really cause more or less damage to the knee joint, so what should we do? Joint prosthesis supplier shares with you.

How to avoid joint injury?

To reduce the loss of knees, do not twist your body; do not walk on one foot; do not bend your knees when carrying weight.

Wear thick-soled and flexible soft-soled shoes to reduce the impact of the knee joint, avoid knee wear, wear high-heeled shoes, and choose relatively comfortable flat shoes.

Pay attention to keep warm when necessary, wear warm knee protectors to prevent the knee joints from getting cold. Cold in the knee joint can cause blood vessels to contract, worsen blood circulation, and increase pain.

Knee Joint Prosthesis

The ground should be soft to avoid walking on hard ground such as cement ground for a long time. When the foot touches the ground, the heel first touches the ground, then the sole of the foot and the toes touch the ground so that the entire foot rolls smoothly across the ground.

To avoid excessive movement can lead to wear or destruction of articular cartilage. People with arthritis, try to reduce the large-scale movement of joints, especially not suitable for weight-bearing running, climbing, climbing stairs or running away, so as not to increase knee wear. It can carry out sports such as swimming and cycling, which have a small weight on the knee joint, which not only exercises the body but also avoids knee joint injuries.

Reducing body weight Excessive weight is one of the important causes of joint bone hyperplasia, cartilage degradation, and knee joint damage. Excessive weight can cause uneven compression of articular cartilage and subsequent inflammation. Reducing your own weight can directly and effectively reduce joint weight and joint pressure, and being thinner is also good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Enhancement of leg muscle strength Many injuries occur when physical strength is low, so developed muscles, especially the quadriceps, can relieve the pressure on the knee to a certain extent and minimize knee damage.

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