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Why Choose DAA?

Sep. 01, 2020

Faced with various surgical methods of total hip replacement, why choose DAA? Today, hip prosthesis manufacturers will introduce to you the application of DAA through clinical effects and prosthesis selection.

A basic principle of orthopedic surgery is to tend to operate through the spaces between muscles and nerves to minimize soft tissue damage. Although all total hip replacement surgery methods have achieved excellent results, DAA is the only surgical method that uses muscle and nerve gaps.

1. Soft tissue injury

Studies have shown that the DAA surgical method protects the abductors and external rotators better than the posterolateral approach and the anterolateral approach.

2. Postoperative rehabilitation

In terms of postoperative recovery, DAA THA may have advantages. A number of studies have shown that DAA has less pain, restores hip joint function earlier, returns to normal gait faster, and shortens the hospital stay. In the later period, Harris scores are higher, and the range of activities is better.

THA Surgical Instrument

Prosthesis selection for DAA

1. Short stem prosthesis

Short-stem prosthesis can solve the problem of femoral exposure and prosthesis implantation in the DAA surgical method. The short tapered stem is a metaphyseal-stabilized prosthesis with a wedge-shaped coronal surface, which can obtain good stability when combined with the greater trochanter of the femoral shaft and can also adjust the angle flexibly during implantation. It provides a good choice of the prosthesis for the DAA surgical method.

2. Special tools

A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. The DAA THA surgeon must have the basic tools for the operation before performing the operation, such as a curved retractor, a retractor with an eccentric distance, etc. Our company provides professional THA surgical instruments to lay the foundation for doctors to carry out a perfect DAA THA operation.