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Can You Protect Your Knees by not Running or Exercising?

Jan. 14, 2021

The knee, as a body part that undertakes many tasks such as walking, running and jumping, squatting and kneeling durian, its importance is self-evident.However, the knee joint is also very fragile, it belongs to the wear and tear accessories, once the wear and tear can not be repaired, many postures or movements in life, will cause damage to the knee joint.Total knee instrument set can repair the knee joint.

So, a regular runner and a sedentary person who does not exercise, whose knee is worse?

Many people might guess: the runner.

"Running puts a lot of stress on the knees, and the more you run, the worse your knees get. Sitting still is not good, but the knees are not under pressure, which is considered to protect them.It seems like it makes sense, however scientists would like to say.

Can you protect your knees by not running or exercising?

1. The knees of people who are sedentary and do not exercise are worse

2. Proper exercise stress makes the knee joint stronger

3. Proper running will not hurt the knee

4. People who sit for a long time and do not exercise have worse knees

We often say "knee pain", "knee wear" and other problems, if the development to a certain extent, in the medical called knee "osteoarthritis", it is the result of many people worry about "injury to the knee" manifested.

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People who do not run and do not exercise have a higher incidence of osteoarthritis of the knee than amateur casual runners.

This is the result of a June 2017 article in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT), a leading American medical journal.

The article, which was statistically based on 17 high-quality studies of 115,000 people selected from 25 studies, is one of the highest quality and credible studies on this issue to date.

The study compared the incidence of hip and knee osteoarthritis among recreational runners, sedentary inactive runners, and competitive runners, after excluding weight and BMI, age, and other factors, and after a series of correction adjustments, and found that.

1. the incidence of arthritis among recreational runners (non-professional runners) was only 3.5%

2. the incidence of arthritis among sedentary and inactive runners was 10.2%.

3. the incidence of arthritis among those who participated in competitive running was 13.3%.

In short: proper running exercise is good for joint health, not make the knee more easily damaged, but is not running not exercise sedentary behavior is more damage to the knee.

Many people may find it surprising: sedentary behavior without exercise obviously makes the knee free from the pressure brought by running and other sports, so why does it make the knee more vulnerable to injury?

Proper exercise stress makes the knee joint stronger

The knee plays a role in the body like a bearing in a machine, the daily weight-bearing, walking, running and jumping movements all need to rely on it to cushion and transfer force.It is the most complex joint in the human body and is therefore vulnerable to injury.

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