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The Joint Is under Heavy Pressure for a Long Time, and the Knee Will Be Damaged 2

Jul. 20, 2020

Three, sit

Whether you are sitting on a chair or a sofa, you must be slow. It is best to sit down slowly with your hands on the back of the chair or the edge of the table. This principle applies to all sitting down movements in a day. Our company provides a knee prosthesis.

Fourth, climb the stairs

"Climbing stairs hurts knees" is the most commonly seen or heard health warning. In fact, as long as you know how to climb, climbing stairs will not hurt your knees! When going up the stairs, the knees change from bending to straightening when the lower limbs are exerted. When going down the stairs, the knee is stretched to bend when the lower limbs are exerted, and the inner folds are more likely to be pinched. Patients with inflamed and swollen medial folds are particularly prone to pinch the medial folds when descending the stairs. The pain often makes the stairs discolored. This is the reason.

People with knee pain problems should avoid climbing stairs as much as possible. If you have to climb, it is recommended to slightly bend the knees to reduce the bending angle of the knee joints, and climb slowly step by step. Use the armrests to help in time to match the inner side of your mind. The fold rubbing scenario can avoid injury.

You can refer to the rules of climbing stairs for climbing. When climbing, keep the knee joint slightly bent, and there is less repeated straightening and bending. Increasing the step can also reduce the angle of knee bending; the same principle applies to downhill, it is better to walk sideways, in addition, don't forget to bring trekking poles as an aid.

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Five, take the bus

When waiting for the bus, I often see people who rush to get on and off the bus because they are in a hurry. Because of their urgency, they rush up when they see the bus, or they quickly sit down when they see a seat and arrive at the station. I hurriedly stood up again, these actions may cause the inner fold to be pinched, injured, and inflamed.

In addition, when riding in a car, in order to avoid bending your knees more than fifty degrees for a long time, it is best to choose a seat where your knees can be completely straight.

Six, drive by yourself

When getting on and off the car, remember to hold the car door and share the weight with your hand. Sit on your side first, and then carefully move your feet in/out of the car. Patients with knee pain can support the knee socket with both hands, one at a time. Slowly move the lower limbs in/out of the car.

When riding a bicycle, the seat cushion should not be too low to avoid excessive bending of the knees. Also pay attention to the rhythm of muscle force and relaxation when straightening and bending (the formula: press hard and retract easily) to reduce the inner folds from being pinched, Chance of injury.

Seven, sit in the office

"Office workers who sit at the desk for a long time do not need to do heavy work, and their knees are less likely to degenerate." This is a misconception!

In fact, office workers sitting in the office all day or going up and down the stairs often have a high probability of developing degenerative arthritis. When sitting and working, the knee is bent at 90 degrees for a long time, and the inner folds are like the tongue being bitten by the upper and lower teeth for a long time. Of course, it will be hurt. Therefore, every half an hour, take time to get up and walk, or straighten your legs and do simple knee protection.

The above information is provided by a knee joint preservation manufacturer.