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Do You Know Knee Prosthesis Types?

Jul. 03, 2019

Do you know Knee Prosthesis Types? As a professional Knee Joint Preservation Manufacturer, we would like to tell you some knee prosthesis types.

Knee Prosthesis Types

Knee Prosthesis Types

(1) According to the use of site of knee prosthesis: single prosthesis, total joint prosthesis (double septum prosthesis) excluding patellofemoral joint replacement, total joint prosthesis.

(2) According to the degree of mechanical restriction of the knee prosthesis: unrestricted prosthesis, partially restrictive prosthesis, high-restriction prosthesis and fully restrictive prosthesis (hinge prosthesis).

(3) According to the fixation of the knee prosthesis, it is divided into: cemented prosthesis and uncemented prosthesis.