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Treatment Of Residual Limb Care And Complications After Amputation

Jul. 18, 2019

As a Joint Prosthesis Supplier, today we like to share with you the following knowledge, which can help you to learn the treatment of residual limb care and complications after amputation.

Good residual limbs are a prerequisite for the assembly of prostheses, and the amputation and amputation should be considered during surgery. The following are treatments for post-operative residual limb care and its complications:

Joint Prosthesis Supplier

First, maintain a good position.

Prevent joint contracture and deformity of residual limbs.

As part of the muscle is cut off after amputation, it will cause muscle imbalance and joint contracture. Such as: hip flexion, hip abduction, knee flexion, ankle joint plantar flexion, the results will affect the alignment of the prosthesis. Therefore, postoperative should be contraindicated: raise the affected area when lying on the back, pad the pillow in the perineum and make the thigh abduction, long-term wheelchair ride, lift the limb with a wooden turn and other bad posture. Postoperative joints should be placed in the functional position, and early functional exercise to make the joints flexible and deformed.

Second, slow down the pain of residual limbs: there are many reasons for pain, mainly in the following aspects:

(a) surgery for nerve stimulation

(b) residual blood circulation disorder

(c) abnormal muscles in which the residual limb is severed

(d) residual limbs have neuroma

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